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LDM-100: The Wonder Non-drug

Posted on: March 25, 2009

This could possibly be one of  the least known highly versatile natural medicines available to man. A lot of people are skeptical of “holistic” medicines due to misinformation or ignorance. Lomatium Dissectum (LDM-100) is a plant based broad spectrum antibiotic that is that has the ability to suppress the growth of 62 types of bacteria and fungi. It is derived from the wild carrot which is a member of the parsley family. It’s history dates back to use by  the Native Americans and is particularly effective for upper respiratory aliments.  Not only is it effective, it is even safe enough to give to children. I have been known to slip a couple drops into my daughter’s juice when she is sick and I have been taking this medicine for over 10 years.

ldm01 Anti-viral, anti-fungal also
Use for all kinds of infections – ears, cold sores, asthma, hay fever, respiratory, urinary tract, candida and more
Effective for colds, flu
Easy to take, add to water or juice

Basically you can take it orally or apply it externally for any kind of infection viral, fungal, or bacterial. The only side effect is the possibility of a non-fatal mild rash. From my experience you don’t run the risk of becoming “immune” or building up a “tolerance” to this medication but some infections may require a stronger dosage. It works by stimulating the body’s own immune system to fight the harmful pathogens/micro-organisms without destroying the good micro-organisms that reside in the body. Unlike man made pharmaceuticals, it attacks the cause and not the symptoms which is the proper way to heal. With the over prescribing of antibiotics and other toxic medications, I highly recommend this product as a safer alternative.

Interesting fact: During the fall of 1918 when the influenza epidemic visited a region of Nevada, the Washoe Indian tribe used Lomatium in the treatment of their sick. Whether a coincidence or not, there was not a single death in the Washoe tribe from influenza or its complications, although Indians living in other parts of the State where the root did not grow died in numbers.

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10 Responses to "LDM-100: The Wonder Non-drug"

I’ve got a cold soar can this be from this product. this is my second day

It should help heal a cold sore. Cold sores usually occur when the immune system is low.

I took some LDM because of the colds and fevers I have been getting. I put it in my mouth and it burned my gums. What should I do?

I would try diluting it in a little water. I was also told you can boil it in water to get rid of the alcohol but I have never done this

After taking for six days LDM didn’t effect my cold in any way. It did caus a horrible itchy all over rash. I had to get a prednisone shot from the Dermatologist. I have hade the rash for 6 days with a 101 ever. The Dr said it may take 6 months for skin pigment to get back to normal. My skin pigment may never get back to normal.

Again, the LDM-100 NEVER helped the cold!

I’ve been putting it in tea. Should I just take the drops straight or does it matter?

Is there any info on using this for treating advanced lyme disease?

Yikes! I have been taking the product for 10 days now. I woke up with a rash, which is now covering 80% of my body and moving into the rest. It burns, itches and is very unpleasant. I have been reading that one should be taking 1,000 mg of Vit C and Pantothenic Acid with the tincture. I was not aware of this, and of course did not. Any ideas for riding my self of this rash?

I have used it to get rid of cold, caugh and sore throat by diluting it in small amount of water or in juice, I used it for a week, but noticed a skin rashed on my skin, (breakout), but I feel good, hope to see the rash goes away.

I think some people can have an allergic reaction just like with any other kind of herb or medication. I was told to discontinue use immediately if this happens. The rash is harmless but uncomfortable from what I’ve been told. but I am not a doctor or health care practitioner. Always check with one of those when taking any medication or supplement. Topical over the counter creams should get rid of the rash. Callundula is a good one. SOme prefer cortizone or bennedryl or taking something orally.

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